Where are the oysters?

Hey oyster-lovers…we feel your pain!  Many of you have come to Frenchy’s recently with a craving for oysters, only to be disappointed that we didn’t have them available to you.  The simple answer: lack of availability.

We get our oysters from Apalachicola Bay, which has also traditionally supplied around 90 percent of Florida’s oysters and approximately 10 percent of entire U.S. harvest…until recently.

Oysters grow, at their best and most delicious, in a perfectly calibrated mix of fresh and salt water.  Apalachicola Bay’s oyster harvests are down drastically since last year due to a decrease in fresh water supply from the Apalachicola River. A shorter commercial fishing season and stricter regulations on the fisherman during the summer months have also contributed to diminished harvesting opportunities.

We’ve scouted other areas along the Florida panhandle, Louisiana and Texas, but have not been satisfied with the quality of oysters being harvested from those regions.  Since quality and consistency are important to us and we only want to serve the best products to our customers, we will likely continue experiencing limited availability of oysters.

If you’re headed to one of our restaurants to enjoy some oysters, give us a quick call to see if we have them available.  If not, we’ve still got a variety of fresh seafood for you to choose from.